EPP Registrar

DREGS [ Domain Registrar EPP Gateway ]

Many registries insists Registrars to use EPP based transactions to communicate with Registry database,

due to technological limitations many of the Registrars failed to implement this quickly,

W3infotech offers an easy solution using our EPP Gateway for specific registrars on contract basis.

The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) is a protocol designed for allocating objects within Domain Registries over the Internet. EPP is based on XML - a structured, text-based format and the intension of creation of EPP was to create a flexible protocol that could provide communication between

Registrar - to - W3i EPP - API Flow
Standard EPP Flow


EPP based transactions helps whenever a domain name is registered, renewed, deleted or managed without using a web based web portal access thereby also providing better security. Prior to its introduction, registries had no uniform approach, and many different proprietary interfaces existed. While its use for Domain names was the initial driver, the protocol is designed to be usable for any kind of ordering and fulfillment system.

  • Better security compare to Web based Registry portals
  • Multiple transaction handling
  • Improved features to authenticate and streamline transfer operations
  • Real-time client notification and message queuing