What is W3INFOTECH? an agent or reseller or registrant?

WWW INFOTECH LLP is an ACCREDITED DOMAIN REGISTRAR; A domain name registrar is the organization or company responsible for providing domain name registration services to the Internet community. An official domain name registrar is either authorized by its respective government organization (NIXI in INDIA) to register domain names within a specific ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain name extension). NIXI provides this function in INDIA. A registrar is authorized by the registry to act as an agent of the registry to process domain name registrations, where the agent is not a reseller.

  • Visit www.w3infotech.com website, search domain name availability by choosing the extensions.
  • Click to Login/Sign-up online with all your contact information Read the policies.
  • Accept policies by checking the check box prior to the policies.
  • Choose a payment method you wish to do and complete the application.
  • .IN, .CO.IN and .COM and many domains gets registered instantly as you pay the fees, For domains with eligibility criteria, W3INFOTECH domain administrators verify the domain name and supporting documents to make sure that it meets all policy requirements after the domain request is received.
  • You can verify your status by checking the confirmation email sent to the Account holder’s contacts with the details of the domain registration.

  • All from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 AM to 6PM we will respond within 5 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • All the requests processed between 8PM to 8Am may be attended by next working day.
  • Please do call us at +91 8738 900 900 / +91 8738 800 800 for any emergency assistance.

A domain name can have a maximum of 67 characters including the extension (TLD) (.in & .co.in). A domain name can contain numbers 0 through 9, letters a through z or dashes (-). Domain names are case insensitive, i.e., myDomain.in and MyDomain.in are one and same. Domain name cannot start or end with a dash (-).

NOTHING- no documentation required

  • Just LOGON to www.w3infotech.com
  • Signup to create an account, Give proper contact details with
  • Complete Name
  • Organization(if any)
  • Building name
  • Street
  • Post Office, City
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email-id
  • wherever requested and pay online to register domains

Regional language domains are called IDN domains, and available IDN domains in India are

.भारत, .ഭാരതം.ভারত, .భారత్, .ભારત, .بھارت, .இந்தியா, .ਭਾਰਤ, .কোম্পানি.ভারত, .ਕੰਪਨੀ.ਭਾਰਤ, .కంపెనీ.భారత్, .કંપની.ભારત, .कंपनी.भारत, كمپنی.بھارت, .நிறுவனம்.இந்தியா, .قطر, .ಭಾರತ, .ଭାରତ, .ভাৰত, .भारतम्, .भारोत, .بارت, .ڀارت

From WWW.W3INFOTECH.COM website,

  • Click to choose IDN tab
  • Type domain name you wish to register
  • Choose the extension from the drop down menu .भारत, .ഭാരതം........etc
idn domains

These are for Established companies in Qatar or with a Trade Mark Registered in Qatar,

We require

CR copy of the company
Request letter for domain Registration Signed and stamped by authorized
Establishment ID for verifying Signature

For New companies: along with CR copy a letter signed by authorized signatory listed CR copy with QID is sufficient.

These are for Established IT/Telecom/Networking companies in Qatar or with a Trade Mark Registered in Qatar,

We require

CR copy of the company WITH IT/Telecom & Networking related activity
Request letter for domain Registration Signed and stamped by authorized
Establishment ID for verifying Signature

For New companies: along with CR copy a letter signed by authorized signatory listed CR copy with QID is sufficient.

According to latest policy updates of CRA/QDR, All .COM.QA domains must be locally hosted in Qatar.

There is no hosting restrictions in place for .QA or any other extensions at the moment

Not all, Information about the Registrant will be shown based data security policies of the respected REGISTRIES based on the region.

You can choose an alternative domain name, or same name with different TLD/ extension, for example, if myDomain.in is not available, you can register myDomain.co.in if available or My-domain.in can be used

Most of the domain registration is done instantly after payment.

Domains with eligibility requirement, as soon as we receive domain applications with documents and payment, the registration process takes 30 minutes to 48 hours. Customer can verify this in the account created at WWW.W3INFOTECH.COM and a confirmation email is sent to the account holders email-id.

Advanced DNS services required to point your domain to hosting your web or e-Mail services or sub domains to different hosting servers

Advanced DNS service is an optional service provided by the W3INFOTECH with a nominal fee using Professional Name Servers.

You can update NAME SERVERS, DNS records or contact names for administrative contact, billing contact or technical contact, the registrant address, E-mail address, phone number and fax number at any time by


and Click VIEW button visible near to domain and DOMAIN CONTACTS or NAME SERVER/DNS tab to make changes

domain records

Alternatively, you can open a ticket or by sending an email to support@w3infotech.com any time.

LOGON to WWW.W3INFOTECH.COM and click on RENEW button from DOMAINS & SERVICES tab and make payment online or choose other payment methods and coordinate with support team to complete the renewal

renew domains

If you cancel a .IN or .CO.IN OR any IDN or other domains under .IN Registry within 24-48 hours of registration, we will be able to cancel and refund full domain registration fee after deducting cancellation charges and credit card processing/banking charges if any. If you want to cancel the registered domain name after 48 hours of registration, it can be cancelled WITHOUT a refund. Please contact support@w3infotech.com for more details.

LOGON to and click on to the desired domain name,
Please select NAME SERVER/DNS RECORDS tab to update details.

change nameserver

Alternatively, you can open a ticket or by sending an email to support@w3infotech.com any time.

As soon as you change the information, we send the request to the Respective Registry and within few minutes’ changes will be available

You need to set the ‘A’ record of your new website to the same IP address as the existing website and either send a request to the existing website hosting company to point the new website to the existing website OR you can do it yourself in the website hosting control panel.

If we have designed your website and hosting it, we can do all of those tasks for you. Register a new website and point to your existing website now

Unfortunately, once a domain name is registered, domains under .IN Registry can be deleted and create new one within 24-48 hours , including spelling corrections. An alternative is to register the correctly spelled domain name and forward the incorrect one to your correct one. This will allow your customers can still find you even if they make the same mistake. Find variations of your website name and register many domains in few simple steps.

Many other extensions do not allow cancelling domains with refund or renaming after registration, for details please contact support@w3infotech.com

Unlike some Registrars, when you register your domain name with us, the Registrant that you typed on the order form is considered the legal Licensee of the domain name for the duration of the current registration term. We have no interest in owning your domain name(s). If we wanted them, we would have registered them already!

Domain name registration is simply a name reservation service, and you are not required to do anything with your domain name. You may wish to simply reserve it, forward e-Mail through it, or construct a web site. It is completely up to you.

A registrar transfer is the act of moving a domain name from one domain name registrar to another. For example, you might move your domain name from your current registrar to our company to take advantage of wholesale domain registration and renewal fees, our technical support or domain services. A registrar transfer service is implemented by registries and made available to all domain registrars to promote competition and improved services to the broader Internet community. Please note that transferring your domain to our company will not affect the DNS information, contact e-mail, or registrant name associated with your domain name. You may modify these areas after your domain name has been successfully transferred. Transfer and Renew your website now.

Request for EPP Code from your current registrar and LOGON to


Use “TRANSFER Domain to us” option to accept and complete the process.

transfer domains

Domain Transfer is FREE and you only pay for renewal of domains

Domain transfer takes 3 business days if you do not approve manually from current registrar, and there will not be any service interruption during the transfer period

Yes, in case of .IN you can transfer domain to NIXI accredited registrars only, likewise other Country level domains

You can change hosting to an international hosting provider by changing Name Servers of the domain except for .COM.QA domains

We will not charge you for your remaining terms.

For more information visit blog.w3infotech.com